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We believe in a sober and rational alternative to the dominant way of consumption that favors logos and ephemeral depersonalized trends.

We want to improve the wardrobe of people who, like us, are sensitive to well-made goods.

Maison Cornichon has a passion for the functional origin of garment, the art of crafting quality goods, and the eternal beauty of simplicity.

We specialize in clothing for men;

harmonizing traditional knitting

"savoir-faire" and contemporary aesthetics, sober and refined.

We combine heavy fabrics, knitted to our specifications, with original pattern designs.

The result: timeless tee shirts, comfortable and structured, that will dress the sensitive and passionate people for many years.

french tee shirt by maison cornichon

Independent house

Maison Cornichon offers its own aesthetic vision through unique creations combining quality and traditional "savoir-faire".


Passion for quality
Maison Cornichon crafts its creations around first choice knits. The fabrics of natural fibers, 100% cotton, heavy and strong, allow the creation of unique garment, structured and sustainable.

Made in France

Maison Cornichon is proud to offer clothes made entirely in France. The fabrics are knitted on traditional machines in a French workshop with over 60 years of expertise.

Left arm axel

founder Thibault

right arm timothy

Illustration Ludivine Martin

WORKSHOP PhotographY Christian Nerette

PRODUCTS PhotographY Axel Werther

STUDIO PhotographY Steven Monteau

MODEL Ariel Tintar / Pierre alberici / theo destabeaux / Clement breton

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