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Practical and comfortable, the t-shirt became - with denim - one of the cult clothing of the twentieth century.


Essential yet overlooked: madeinfar, thin, fragile, shapeless; at best with a simple print. Very dissatisfied with the current place of tee-shirts, maison cornichon wants to offer an antidote to vain and disinterested massive-consumption.



True dedication to quality: The fabrics are knitted by 1950s machines in the South of France, much slower but of incomparable quality. Two to three times thicker (7 oz. / 10 oz.) the fabric will last ages.


Sustainable and exciting basic

Classic design where construction details are reinterpreted (knitting techniques, Japanese necklines, precise cuts: adjusted and comfortable) for a timeless style, to comfortably wear every day.


The vintage knit - thick, soft and ultra-solid - gives a unique character piece in outstanding fell.

A unique piece of clothing to cherish every day.

Maille "Lotus Bleu"
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