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Maison Cornichon is proud to offer high quality garment made entirely in France.

Each fabric is knitted by old traditionnal machines (from the 1960s) in a French workshop leveraging over 60 years of expertise.


All fabrics are knitted on antique machines in the South-West of France, exclusively from very thick cotton yarns (1/40; 1/28).


The knitting workshop founded in 1949 has a unique expertise, and over 60 years of archives representing a great source of knowledge and inspiration helping the creative process.

Knitting machines dating from the 1950 to 1960 era
are rare. The various parts of these old
machines are mostly no longer in production, and only a very small number of workshops still know how to operate them.

Machines from this period knit slower than modern ones. However, thanks to a weaker tension during the process they can produce a much more voluminous and stronger knit.

Atelier de tricotage maison cornichon

These traditional machines, now almost obsolete, require careful and frequent maintenance and a real know-how to master their complexity.

But there are still some craftsmen taking pride in keeping the tradition of high quality knitting, due to the unique result of the knit that can not be achieved by using more modern machines.


The limited number of products which can be produced makes these traditional fabric all the more valuable.

A team of 11 highly qualified individuals oversee the various stages of production:
firstly the technical operation and maintenance of the old machines, then patterns, cutting and sewings are handmade process.

The result of this long process is unique. Each piece of clothing having its unique character, timeless.

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